My ever growing collection of guitars, basses and pedals allows me to get the right sound for any gig or session.


I'm a huge fan of traditional and iconic bass tones and own a selection of vintage and modern Fenders as well as other classic basses. I am also an Overwater Basses artist and have lovely seafoam green Custom Jazz 5 that Chris and the team built for me back in 2017. I've listed some of my gear below for those who are interested.

'51 Telecaster Bass
Fender Jazz Bass V Marcus Miller
Fender Jazz 1969
Sadowsky PJ5
Fender Precision Bass
Overwater Custom Classic J5
Ibanez Gary Willis Fretless 5
Hofner Club Bass
Moog Sub Phatty

Fender Jazz Bass 1969
Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass V
Fender Precision Bass

Fender Highway One Precision Bass
'51 Telecaster Bass
Overwater Classic J 5

Sadowsky PJ5
Musicman USA Stirling
Hofner Club Bass
Ibanez Gary Willis Fretless 5

Double Bass German c.1880 w/extension
Double Bass Modern Romanian
Various Bows

Moog Sub 37

Fender Telecaster
Fender Stratocaster

Cosmic Ears IEMs

Macbook Pro
Logic Pro X
Focusrite & PreSonus Interfaces

Various amps, tube and solid state preamps, DIs and effects pedals